Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Quite a project

Jackson spent 45 minutes on a project yesterday, probably the longest time he's ever spent doing any one thing straight. I watched with amazement as he collected all the toys, stuffed animals and books in the living room and put them in this big box.

Lola helped by putting in her shoes...

and then taking them back out again.

And after he had worked so hard to fill the box, he emptied it.

I was amazed when, looking sternly in his empty box, he began to fill it all over again.

He even put in his beloved blanket!

It was great to watch him work so hard for so long at something!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Our days are so often dictated by the weather. The other day it was soooooo cold, but we had been cooped up all day and the kids really wanted to get outside and play. So we spent about 20 minutes putting on jackets, gloves, and hats and out to the back yard we went.

And then Saturday the rain came and we were stuck inside all day. The kids got a little restless and mommy got a little nutty.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tire changing

No properly bred man can sit back and watch a lady change a tire without offering to help, and my son proved as good as his breeding! Here are some pics of Jackson and our dear friend Simone changing my tire while I catch it all on film. It struck me about halfway through the tire change that I was standing around snapping pictures while Simone did all the work, but look how cute the pics came out :) And to give her some due props, she was very patient with Jackson while he "helped." We're so lucky to have our Aunt Simone!

Also, as you can see, Lola didn't dive in to help with tire changing. This is the beginning of what I bet will become a fairly predictable pattern of letting her brother handle the heavy and dirty stuff.