Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hooray for waving!

Both my babies are finally waving! It's really ridiculous how much pride I feel in declaring that. Silly, really, that I stressed about it at all. But I'm sure there's at least one mother out there who understands, right? Someone? I want the doctor to check off each-and-every-single milestone on Lola's and Jackson's charts. So we may be a month and a half late (I know, I know... who's to say), but I'm really thinking about calling the doc and filling her in on our latest development. Do you think she would go back and check the milestone for me?

Jackson waves all the time now, particularly while he's eating. He picks up food with his left hand (yes, Aaron is also a leftie :) and waves with his right. It's really so funny. Lola waves back when I wave to her but only back in her direction, like she's waving at herself. Neither have quite gotten the correct context yet, but we're working on it. Come and visit us and maybe we'll wave goodbye!

No pics of them waving yet, but here are some really cute ones...
Lola and Jackson trying to get a closer look at Dad's suitcase. Funny, this is the same thing the cat does when Dad gets home from a trip.Lola's all time favorite game... the wipes just keep coming and coming!Jackson is not willing to give up either of his favorite things.Lola playing nicely on the safe side of the bathtub. Jackson proving once again that he has a taste for danger. By the way, he did climb in there all on his own.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Baby's First Inauguration

We're definitely racking up the out of the ordinary firsts during Lola and Jackson's first year of life. We've had our first evacuation, our first snow, and now our first inauguration. And quite an historical one at that. I just had to document this awesome moment. Hopefully one day they will appreciate it's magnitude.

Monday, January 12, 2009

10 Months old!

I am up in the middle of the night with Lola (a truly rare occurrence these days) and even though I am REALLY tired I'm finding it's bringing back some sweet memories. I was just rocking her and singing and picturing how little she used to be. How we used to sit up in the middle of the night and watch all my terrible recorded television. How 3 hours of sleep in a row (for any of us) felt like nothing short of a miracle.

10 months is so long and so short a period of time. It seems like forever ago that our normal routine was to be up with Lola and Jack several times per night. The babies were eating every 3 (or every 2) hours and so it was our nightly ritual that Aaron would feed them around midnight and then come to bed and I would take the middle of the night feedings. If I was lucky that would mean both babies would eat around 3 am and I would be back to bed by 3:30 or so. Then he would get up with them at 5:30 or 6:00. There were many many nights when I wasn't so lucky. Lola would want to eat at 1:45. Then Jack at 3:00. Then Lola again at 4:30. If I'm this tired right now just from being up since 12:30 (it's currently 2:45) how did we ever survive?!?!

And as I type that it comes to me: that's ALL I did. Real life hadn't crept back in and the middle of the night feedings (and snuggles) were what I was doing. That was it. Eat, change diapers, sleep, and repeat (with the occasional load of laundry thrown in). Now it's back to real life (only now I have 2 small children with me). Makes me kind of miss those times. I know, I know... it was miserable at points and I was sleep deprived. But it's kind of reassuring to have your purpose so well defined. All I had to do was feed, clean, and love my family. Sweet memories indeed.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I've been writing and re-writing a new year's post for a week now. I just can't seem to get it right. It's hard to resist the inclination to rehash everything we've been through this past year. Sure Aaron and I have had ups and downs before, but not like we did in 2008. In a lot of ways this past year feels like THE year for us. I have never experienced such sadness, such fear, and such frustration. I have also never felt such absolute joy, such clear perspective, and such complete love as I have since Lola and Jackson were born. And when thinking back on this momentous year I find myself in a rare position. I am at a loss for words. No matter what I write it doesn't seem to accurately portray how I feel (and how I felt). So I'm going to stop re-writing my Happy New Year Post, take a break from 2008, and post some pics I've taken in 2009.
Fun with Peas!Look mom, I'm walking!A common sight around the Freedman house, Jackson pushing aside his toy in favor of his sisters'.Jackson has already established himself as a climber.I just love the expression. I wonder what he is thinking...Awww...