Thursday, June 9, 2011

Molly, Mommy and Daddy's first family moment

I'm experimenting with video, working on iMovie and Quicktime and blah blah blah. I'm far from an expert but gaining proficiency. Here's a video of the first time I get to hold Molly. I haven't learned to add a soundtrack so you'll just hear the sound from the actual video. Eventually I'll learn how to play music in the background and other fancy things. :) More videos to come.

Molly Maitland Freedman

Born May 4 weighing in at 6 lb 13 oz
Daddy and Molly, Day 1
Daddy and Molly, Day 1

Daddy and Molly, Day 5
Aaron thinks this outfit is hilarious. Especially the booties. I agree.

Molly, 3 weeks old

Molly and Lola's baby enjoying some play time together

Molly not so much enjoying tummy time.