Thursday, June 26, 2008

3 1/2 month check up

Lola and Jackson went to the doctor today and other than some uncomfortable shots, all is very well. Jackson seems determined to shed the "preemie" distinction, as he is in the 10-25% for all 3 measurements. He weighed in at a whopping 12 lb 12 oz! He is 23 7/8 in long and his head circumference is 15 3/4 in. The doctor said he is growing marvelously and I should not be at all concerned that he eats enough to satisfy a small baby army. Lola is also gaining weight nicely, and because they chart boys and girls differently, at 11 lb 9 oz she is also in the 10-25%. She is only in the 3% for length and head circumference, measuring 22 1/2 in and 15 in respectively. This is nothing to worry about, the doctor assures us. She grew in all areas and that's really what we're looking for. So there we go, the babies are shaping up nicely.

Other than talking about size I did ask a few questions, mostly pretty mundane stuff that only occupy the minds of first time parents. Just in case you're interested (or need a good laugh), here's the run down. We are staying on the preemie formula indefinitely. The babies are growing well on it and changing formulas is not recommended unless necessary. The babies are sleeping well for their age, with Jackson sleeping as much as 8 hours at a time and Lola sleeping up to 6. Mind you, they are not the hours we choose, which would be something like 11 pm until 7 am. Most often our window of straight sleep begins around 8 or 9 pm and ends between 2 and 3 am. The doctor said I should be happy with that for now. For those of you who follow our families various bowel problems, Lola is staying on the laxative Lactalose for now. And yes, that is the same medicine our cat takes for the same problem. And now the funniest piece of information, I should start feeding them rice cereal with a spoon at 4 months. That's in 2 weeks! Apparently it is developmentally important for them to start trying to eat from a spoon, which should be hilarious! Check back, I will definitely be posting pics of that one.

Let's see, around the house news...
Both Lola and Jackson are getting so much stronger, holding their heads up while sitting and propping themselves up on their elbows during tummy time. See for yourself:
The babies have both fallen totally in love with a giraffe that hangs over their changing table. We have started leaving them in there (it's totally safe and enclosed) after we change their diaper so they can hang out and babble to their heart's content. We have video of the kids chatting with their new friend but unfortunately we don't have the required wires to put the video on the computer. I guess we need to get that sorted out soon, Lola and Jackson's first taste of rice cereal would be great captured on video!
And here are some more cute pics:

Lola demonstrating she shares Aaron's ability to fall asleep any time she needs to (plus they're wearing my favorite lounge wear):
Remember when the babies used to both sleep in changing table on the Pack n Play...
well, I put them in together just to see what that would look like now.

And that's all for now folks. The kids are sleeping and so it's bedtime for mommy! Check back soon!

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