Sunday, July 20, 2008

Finally, an update!

Sorry it has been so long since my last post. I was doing so well, but life just gets in the way some times! But just look at these pictures and I bet you think it was worth the wait!

The babies are doing very well. We go back to the doctor on Wednesday and I think Jackson could reach 14 pounds! Lola doesn't feel like she has gained as much weight, remaining as little and dainty as ever.
One thing her small size affords her is greater flexibility and mobility. She can roll over from her back to her stomach now and is doing so often. And she is trying desperately to crawl. She does move forward at a rate of about a foot every 3o minutes. All this means I can leave her on her back and run to load the dishwasher but if I'm too slow she will have herself flipped over and trying to get away. I'm thrilled about her early development but am realizing quickly that it's going to force me to babyproof sooner than I had anticipated.

Jackson doesn't much like being on his stomach so he isn't progressing quite as quickly rolling and crawling. He is, however, doing really well at sitting up and standing. If I sit him on the floor and put his hands in front of him he can sit like that for a good 5 - 10 seconds before tipping over sideways. And he loves to stand! Every time I hold him chest to chest while I'm sitting down he immediately stands up in my lap and looks over my shoulder.

The babies have done well so far eating cereal, although I will admit I have been less than vigilant with feeding them every night. Not because they don't enjoy it, but because it's quite a process. So enough talk, right. I know what everyone's really after...Pictures!

Sorry there's not time for more. The babies are busier than ever and I seem to be no less exhausted. But check back Thursday and I promise more pics and updated stats. I'm taking Jackson and Lola to their 4 1/2 month check up and will have new weights, etc. Maybe will get the news that we can try more food soon!

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