Wednesday, September 17, 2008

6 Months and growing!

We had our 6 month appointment on Monday and Lola and Jackson are doing great!
First, the new stats:
Lola is 14 lb 5 oz (10-25 %), 24 1/4 in long (5-10 %), and her head circumference is 15 3/4 in (3-5 %). She is growing slowly, but the doctor assures us that as long as she's growing there's no reason to be concerned. So she is simply petite, and that's that.

Jackson is still significantly larger than his sister, weighing in at 17 lb 4 oz. And even though he looks HUGE next to his sister, he is still only in the 25-50 %. I thought he was going to be well above average weight, not only because I compare him to Lola but also because I carry him around all day. But he is still just under average weight for his age. He is 25 in long (10 %) and his head circumference is 17 in (25 - 50 %). I was also surprised that he is only 3/4 in longer than his sister. He seems SO MUCH BIGGER!

Not only does their growth continue to be on track, but they are developing right on schedule as well. They hit all of their milestones except transferring objects from hand to hand and reaching for familiar people. Of course just like last time with the mirror milestone, after we got home from the appointment Lola reached for me to pick her up out of the excersaucer. And today when I handed her a bottle she reached out both hands, grabbed it and put it in her mouth. Completely amazing how fast they learn.

Lola crawled 3 steps today. She took 3 steps toward the bouncy seat and put both hands on it and pulled up. I simultaneously thought "My baby is so smart!" and "Oh God, what's going to happen now?" My mom keeps insisting I need to lower her crib RIGHT NOW and finish the baby proofing job we started a month ago. As difficult as it to admit, I think she's right.

Jackson isn't as far along with the crawling, but he has devised his own mode of transportation. He puts cheek on the floor, pushes his feet behind him, and scoots along on his face. Not the most comfortable mode of transportation (he ends up with a very red cheek) but it gets him from A to B. My prediction is that once Lola really gets going he won't be far behind her. For now he seems content to thwart her efforts to move by being a human anchor.

Let's see...other developments:
All 4 of us are finally completely well. It's been a month long battle with congestion, fevers, coughing, and finally ear infections and boy am I glad it's over.
One big one-NO MORE PREEMIE FORMULA! We can now use Similac Advance like "normal babies," if there is such a thing.
We are eating rice cereal and fruits and vegetables daily (well, almost daily) and the kids both seem to enjoy it now. Unless, of course, I try it when they are REALLY hungry and then they make it very clear that they prefer the bottle.
Lola is no longer on the laxative Lactalose and she and I are both thrilled that she is handling her bowls without the help of medicine.
I went ahead and decided to get them flu shots. I have struggled with the decision for several months (as soon as I learned it was a possibility) and really hadn't come to a firm decision by their 6 month appointment. But when I asked the nurse how much worse the flu is than our recent colds she laughed and said there was no way to accurately describe how terrible it could get. Suffice it to say, she said it would be a nightmare and they got the flu shot. We have to go back after 30 days and get the second round. With some luck that should keep us flu-free for the winter.

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