Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hooray for waving!

Both my babies are finally waving! It's really ridiculous how much pride I feel in declaring that. Silly, really, that I stressed about it at all. But I'm sure there's at least one mother out there who understands, right? Someone? I want the doctor to check off each-and-every-single milestone on Lola's and Jackson's charts. So we may be a month and a half late (I know, I know... who's to say), but I'm really thinking about calling the doc and filling her in on our latest development. Do you think she would go back and check the milestone for me?

Jackson waves all the time now, particularly while he's eating. He picks up food with his left hand (yes, Aaron is also a leftie :) and waves with his right. It's really so funny. Lola waves back when I wave to her but only back in her direction, like she's waving at herself. Neither have quite gotten the correct context yet, but we're working on it. Come and visit us and maybe we'll wave goodbye!

No pics of them waving yet, but here are some really cute ones...
Lola and Jackson trying to get a closer look at Dad's suitcase. Funny, this is the same thing the cat does when Dad gets home from a trip.Lola's all time favorite game... the wipes just keep coming and coming!Jackson is not willing to give up either of his favorite things.Lola playing nicely on the safe side of the bathtub. Jackson proving once again that he has a taste for danger. By the way, he did climb in there all on his own.

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