Friday, February 13, 2009

Great recent pics!

Lola and Jackson are almost 1 year old! It's unbelievable. It's so fast. Way too fast! I'm not ready. My little babies... they're growing up :( Ok, a little sappy. I'm just warming you up for the 1 year post. It's guaranteed to be dripping with gooey sentiment.

But for now...
Lola and Jack have both started trying to walk! They can each take about 3 steps before wobbling and falling down. Lola seems to be progressing a little faster than Jackson, but he isn't far behind. We'll see if they're walking by their first birthday.

Let's see what else... so many new experiences...
Lola and Jack had so much fun helping Pops build the base for the shed!Lola at her happiest, outside with a leaf in one hand and mail in the other hand.Both babies like hummus, very international of them I think:And no surprise here, Lola and Jack LOVE ice cream sandwiches:Some things are new and some things are just like they've been for months... Lola and Jack still love to climb and get in to everything! And also, this is a great shot of all their teeth!

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Orit said...

so beautiful they are. i look forward to another lunch date. love you all
anne and david