Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sweet Parenting Moment

Lola and I were playing on the floor yesterday making funny faces and smiling at each other. After exchanges of laughter, she stopped and just looked at me right in my eyes. She stared at me with this ponderous look on her face and I thought, "Wow, she's looking at me so closely. And not at something funny on my face. She's gazing right into my eyes. What a special moment. I wonder what she's thinking about?" I bet you moms out there can guess what happened next. My wonderfully sweet thought bubble was burst seconds later when I smelled that she had made a freshly dirty diaper! What a special moment we shared!


Anonymous said...

What precious parenting moments! oma

Anonymous said...

OK. i've laughed out loud twice now. oma

Anonymous said...

just wait until they start laughing after leaving a present in their diaper for you !! ah-von

Mu said...

It seems not long ago that we were saying similar things about your generation - sigh! Have fun.

Carol Osborne