Monday, April 27, 2009

Don't pity me, but maybe a little sympathy...

Rarely do I wallow in the thought "this would so much easier with one baby."

For one thing, often times it's simply not true. Watching two children play happily and safely in the living room is no harder than watching one. And often it can be much more fun. Pushing two content children in a stroller is no harder than pushing one. And typing this while two children FINALLY nap is no different than it would be if only one were asleep.

But there are times when I think, "Oh my God this would SO MUCH EASIER if there were only one of you!" Of course I am not really wishing away one of my children. I'm the mother of twins, Lola and Jack. And it really seems that's the way it's supposed to be. In fact, I just chuckled out loud even thinking of being the mom of just one baby. Preposterous!

But when one baby is sick and wants to snuggle and the other baby is happy and wants to play, my very best mommy-of-twin skills are put to the test!

Lola has a viral fever and has been running a temperature between 100 and 102 since Saturday. As long as her fever stays in check she's fairly content to play as usual, just maybe committing a little less energy to her pursuits. But when the Motrin starts to wear off and the fever starts to creep up (as it inevitably does before 6 hours between doses) she becomes uncharacteristically clingy and only wants to be held. Our ped says this shouldn't last past Wednesday or Thursday. As long as she stays hydrated and her fever responds to the Motrin there is no cause for concern.

No cause for concern?
What about the concern that I won't be able to occupy an energetic and often destructive 13 month old boy while comforting and forcefully hydrating his sick twin sister.

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Anonymous said...

Bad days or good days, you are still a great mom!!!!!!!!
Love ya, Tracie