Thursday, February 11, 2010


Lola and Jackson each have a different list of things they take to bed. Lola's list is rather short (at least compared to her brother's) and consistent. Each night Lola gathers up her 3 blankets, monkey, baby and Elmo and brings them into her room for story time. Occasionally she adds a book or a special toy, but usually it's just the same 6 things, 3 blankets and 3 dolls.

Jackson has a very different approach to bedtime. Once we tell him it's almost time to read books and go to bed he begins gathering up every toy, foam letter and number, book, car and doll that he has played with the previous hour and throws it in bed. Many nights I sneak back in to his room and remove half the stuff from his bed to give him some more room to sleep.

Well last night something happened that has never happened before. The bedtime ritual went as usual as the kids prepared for bed: Lola gathering her 6 things and Jackson throwing in as much as we would allow. After the night-nights were said and lights were out they started laughing and squealing, clearly doing something they found hilarious. They played loudly for about half and hour and then the noise died down. Aaron and I went in about 9 o'clock and here is what we found:

Apparently the game that was soooooo hilarious was her throwing everything she had into Jackson's crib:
The picture was so funny I had to risk the flash to get it! Can you believe he's sleeping so soundly with all that stuff!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE IT!!! Can't wait to see all of you next week.
Love and Miss you,

Anonymous said...

I laughed out loud -- and remember the squeal of it when I was there. How that squeal has developed! Oma

natalie said...

That is the best thing ever.