Tuesday, October 12, 2010


 Here are some pictures of the late summer/early fall goings-on in the Freedman family:
Lola and Jackson's first Shrimp Po-Boy. I think this moment was more special for Aaron than the kids' first day of school!
Hooray for Po-Boys!

Jack enjoying swimming lessons. Pretty cool goggles, right?!
Lola and Daddy having a blast during her swim class.
Decorating Halloween pumpkins.

Enjoying a snack in the cooler fall weather!
"Princess Lola" enjoying her apple.


Anonymous said...

love the pics! Thank you for new pics!

See you tomorrow.Oma

Anonymous said...

I love Lola's little princess outfit...
I'm sure one day I'll be dressing Olivia in one just like that.

natalie said...

They are getting so big, Diane! Adorable. I really don't think we're grown up enough to have such grown up kids.

Anonymous said...

Wow they have grown so much. They are just adorable Di!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi my favorite twins and parents....

.Just spent a little time catching up on your blog for the past year. So much fun to read again and again.

Absolutely LOVE the pictures. Come see us so you can meet the new cats. Anne and David