Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Rough Summer

It hasn't been the smoothest summer here at the Freedman house. Not that it's been all bad by any means. We've had some great times visiting with friends and family and just hanging out here enjoying each other. But beginning with my bed rest this past spring and continuing up through me typing this blog post while listening to Lola and Jackson fight upstairs, there has been more stress and sadness this summer than Aaron and I usually experience .

Some of these sources of sadness and stress we've shared only with close friends and family. Others, like the passing of Aaron's grandmother Great Lola,  we've shared far and wide. And some of our difficulties we don't have to share in detail. You can probably imagine some of the challenges of having a new baby and two active 3 year olds home ALL DAY EVERY DAY for 3 months. And there are still other difficulties we've kept to ourselves, not because they're particularly tragic but because we just don't feel like talking about it. I don't think either of us feel like addressing one. more. thing.

Yesterday was Labor Day, the mark of the beginning of fall. The kids had their first day of school today, punctuating the feeling that summer is over and we're moving on to a new season. And although we've had some really great times this summer, I can't say I'm sorry to see it end. 

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