Wednesday, May 21, 2008

No one told me there would be days like this...

I guess I knew deep in the back of my brain that the days of sleeping and eating with an only occasional 15 minutes of play (mostly created by mom for the sole purpose of a photo op) were limited. Perhaps I realized that sooner or later the babies would no longer be content to lay around all day watching me fold endless loads of cloths. I watched my friend's children do more than sleep and eat at 2 months old. Some might argue that I should have known better.
But denial is a powerful thing. Even while planning my living room arrangement around the need to keep my kids visible and safe while playing on the floor, I was somehow never believing that they would do so. I am now forced to confront the truth. No longer happy to simply lay quiet and still while the world goes on around them, Jackson and Lola have reached what seems to be a stage of "active infancy." And with their attention span lasting only a few minutes, this new stage has proven to be VERY ACTIVE for all of us.
To all of you who listened to me complain about how hard it has been the past two months and didn't mention that it was going to get harder before easier, I appreciate your regard for my feelings. It's nice not to kick a mom while she's down. I might have broken down completely if someone would have told me the truth: "You think it's hard now? All they're doing is eating and sleeping. Wait until they not only need to eat and sleep but want to be held. And not only held, but held AND entertained. And of course they will both want to be held and entertained AT THE SAME TIME." And to those of you who have never tried to hold two squirming 2 month olds or calm two hysterical infants, both of them refusing to be put down, feel welcome to come over and visit any time. It is a challenge which will leave you exhausted and, if you succeed, feeling like wonder woman.


Anne said...

But soon they'll entertain each other and Becky, you, and I will head for a spa!....leaving the twins with Allen, Aaron, and David.

You and Aaron are such terrific parents!

Tracy DeGruy said...

Love the pics with them in the two Boppies - it looks like they're having such a serious conversation! Too cute.