Tuesday, May 6, 2008

What a week!

First off let me start with our 7 week check up. The official news is my babies are HUGE! We went for a check up and immunizations on Tuesday and the nurse confirmed what I had been suspecting; the babies have grown so much! Jackson is 7 lb 11 oz and determined to catch up with his sister. He has gained almost 3 lb in 7 weeks! Lola has gained 2 1/2 lb for a total of 7 lb 14 oz. They are finally the size of average newborns. In fact they are in the 50th percentile in weight, length, and head circumference on the newborn growth chart. They are not quite so big for 7 weekers. Lola is in the 3rd-5th percentile for all 3 measurements. Jackson is the same except he doesn't quite make it on the chart for weight. They have outgrown most of their premie cloths, wearing mostly newborn and even a few 0-3 months cloths. Look at how big they are:The doctor and I briefly talked about their development; he asked if they were smiling socially and responding to light and sound. They weren't, and he assured me that even though they are only in the 1 to 2 month range for development (not the 2 month range like would be expected if they had been term), they should catch up easily in time. Well, it seems the good doc knows his business. Lola has smiled twice already (neither of them at me) after being coaxed for some time and they both seem to be turning their head occasionally when I make noise. I do this almost obsessively and while I know in my head that their delay is expected, my heart wants them to be within the "normal range" for their unadjusted age.

No other real news to report from the doc. Jack still has some congestion, although it seems to be getting better. They both BM trouble...Oh well, it could be much much worse. They will be going back in a month for some more shots (which they LOVE!) and some more size and development checks. I'll keep you posted.

In more fun news, the babies had a very exciting weekend. We went for a stroll in the double jogging stroller (thanks a ton to Tim and Marrianne). With the addition of the head padding from their strollers it worked great. The ride was pretty smooth no matter how fast I went (admittedly not very fast, YET), and you know Lakeview is not known for its smooth streets.

We also had our first public outings. The babies and I, along with help from auntie Celeste, made a much needed trip to Wal-Mart. I swore I'd never become a Wal-Mart shopper, but those low prices...WOW. Celeste and I managed to feed and burp both babies WHILE SHOPPING. Other than it taking a little bit longer than normal, the trip was a big success.

Our great friend Simone came and spent the weekend with us and we had a blast! She fed and burped babies, changed more than her share of diapers, and even stayed up with the kids Saturday night so Mommy and Daddy could get some sleep. We also went out to eat 3 times over the weekend: sushi, PF Changs, and Surry's for Sunday breakfast. The babies were great in the restaurants (although twice "Simone's baby" started fussing and had to be fed:)To top off the weekend, Becky and Allen stayed over Sunday night and let Aaron and I sleep through the night. I slept from 9:30 all the way until 7:30. That is the longest I have slept since I first went in to the hospital in January! It felt amazing!

Not a bad week. And we're starting this one off pretty great as well. The babies took a 2 hour nap IN THEIR CRIB today (granted, Jackson did have to rocked and put back 3 times). Let's see how tonight goes...

And for those of you who just check this blog for cute pictures, here are some more:


Anne said...

What pudgy little baby arms Lola has. She's so cute in her dress.
And Jackson continues to gaze around his world with eyes wide open.
They are so smart.

Anonymous said...

I love the new pics.The have grown so. I can hardly wait to get there. love, mom