Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Our first cold!

This was supposed to be a post about all the cute things my babies have been doing lately. Unfortunately, the newest news is that we are experiencing our very first colds, complete with coughing, congestion, runny noses, and fever. And boy are we having having a blast! The only one who has gotten any sleep in the past 3 days is Jackson. Aaron and I are living basically like we did when th babies first came home; one of us is up with her 24 hours a day. She can't sleep anywhere but on us, so we spend a lot of time in the lazy boy rocking her. Jackson has been real trooper, sleeping from 6:30 pm until 6:30 am last night. Wow! If Aaron and I hadn't been up with Lola all night that would have been even better!But before we were sneezes and spit up, there were fun times:

No longer content to lie in the bouncy seat, Lola wants to look at it from the grown up side.
Jackson is took a 1 hour nap in his crib in the middle of the day. Those of you who have spent hours at my house rocking him will appreciate what a feat this is!
Daddy and Jackson enjoying themselves during Dad's week off.
Lola doing her best to hide from a diaper change.


Anonymous said...

These are great. What a time. First cold and moving all at the same time. Bless Jackson! Bless Lola! Bless mom and dad!!!

Good luck this weekend. Thanks for the update! mom

Anonymous said...

What happened to my post? oma

Anonymous said...

um, i hope my kid didn't make your kids sick

Becky said...

My poor little angel!