Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

We had a fabulous first Christmas with the babies! My parents and brother were here and we spent the morning opening presents and enjoying a family breakfast. Then we went to Aaron's brother Jonah's house for lunch (a much bigger affair than the 5 adults gathered at my house. I think the number there totaled 24). We opened presents and Lola and Jackson enjoyed lots of playing. Then we came back home and had dinner with my family. It was a wonderful family-filled day. The kids got lots of fun new toys, books, stuffed animals and most of all TONS of attention. Our first Christmas certainly lived up to my magical expectations!
Jonah tries to put together Lola and Jackson's new walking toy while the babies try and help.The kids enjoying their new toys at Aaron's family Christmas. Jackson enjoying he and Lola's new giant stuffed turtle and ladybug pillows.All their new toys and Lola and Jackson are having a blast with a ladle.

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