Sunday, December 14, 2008


Today in church the Minister, as he always does, called for the congregation's joys and concerns. After some are shared publicly he asks for us to have a moment of silent prayer. This time is for us to pray for those we've heard about and share our personal joys and concerns privately with God. When the Minister called for this moment of prayer this morning immediately to my mind came "Thank you thank you thank you thank you." I repeated it over and over for the entire period of silence. "Thank you thank you thank you thank you." Blessed, privileged, fortunate...I have an awesome life. I have an amazing family. I am healthy. I have all the material possessions I really need. And I am grateful.


Orit said...

And I am grateful for you, for my beautiful family and brilliant twins, nieces and nephews. Life is very very good and we love you guys.
Anne and David

Anonymous said...

Totally off subject, but that was a really good Beastie Boys song. Great bass line......hopefully, we can see you this weekend?