Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Little Pangs

I saw a woman unloading her twin girls into her Target cart the other day and I almost burst into tears. She pulled one pink infant seat out of the back of her car and carefully snapped it into place on the top of the cart. I turned and looked because babies are cute and, like most people, I like to catch a glimpse of them whenever there's one around. It barely caught my attention when she walked around the back of the car and reached in the other side. But when she stood up carrying an identical pink infant seat that's when it hit me like POW! The lump that immediately clogged my throat shocked me and I was embarrassed by the tears that formed in my eyes.

Why the waterworks? Reminders of my kids growing up bombard me constantly but rarely are they so poignant. Just yesterday it was me unloading 2 infant carriers into my Target shopping cart. Now I load them into their stroller and push them through the store while pulling the cart. Tomorrow I'll be shopping alone after dropping them off at kindergarten.

And again with the wet eyes. It's just too fast.

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Anonymous said...

And it doesn't slow down. Live it a moment at a time making a memory every day. Oma