Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Things I know now that I didn't know 14 months ago:

I will ask my babies to do tricks on command just like all parents before me. Like those parents I will try to convince people that Lola and Jack can laugh/pull up/crawl/walk/say "bye bye"...etc while onlookers smile and think how ridiculous I look. They will not, of course, think any less of my child for not performing. They might, however, laugh a little at me.

My kids will have runny noses, food on their faces and cloths, sneeze on another child's toy just before he puts it in his mouth, and be generally disgusting. Previously I would have thought I was too clean, conscientious, proud, you fill-in-the-blank to allow this to happen. I am obviously not.

My kids will pull another child's hair, whine for what they want and scream when they don't get it, throw themselves and their toys on the floor in protest, laugh in the face of correction, and quite frankly annoy the heck out of me some days. Contrary to what I thought before they were born, I do not possess magical mommy powers of discipline. Oh well.

Ahhh the bliss that was the ignorance of first time pregnancy.

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