Friday, June 5, 2009

The Mystery Deepens

A while ago I discovered, through a careful process of elimination, that Jackson is allergic to something in a specific brand of hummus. Not all brands, just one particular brand, Sabba. His face turns red around his mouth and also anywhere the hummus has touched his face. He ends up looking like a clown who couldn't draw his mouth on straight. No biggy. He doesn't have trouble breathing. In fact he doesn't seem to have any trouble at all. Aside from looking a little funny there seem to be no real affects. So I haven't worried about it. I quit feeding him that brand of hummus and put in the back of my brain the assignment of someday figuring out which ingredient is causing the problem.

Well now that plot has thickened.

My kids eat peanut butter at least several times a week. It's my "oh no I don't have anything for them to eat. oh yeah I'll give them peanut butter on an apple/bagel/cracker/toast" meal. Until yesterday they've always had all natural peanut butter, the kind where the oil separates and you have to stir it up every time you use it. Well I had some Jiff for a salad dressing recipe so I figured I'd use that. I love it (reminds me of childhood I guess) and so I figured they must love it too! Well the same thing happened to Jackson's face. Take a close look:Now the real science experiment begins. Gotta buy another package of Sabba hummus and compare labels. I'll post the results of our experiment soon.


Anonymous said...

As the plot thickens, the investigation gets more complicated. Good luck with that one.

Love the pics, though. More later, Oma

Anonymous said...

I got some more books in for you guys and I'm home for a few weeks. Would love to see you....or maybe aaron can pick up on his way home.
Love you all....
Anne and David

Shari said...

Our girls also have a pretty organic, vegetarian diet. One of the girls has the same reaction around her mouth when she eats anything with too many preservatives in it. Good luck with the detective work. I just switched back to the original brand!