Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

For the Dad who gets up and plays with his kids at 5:45 in the morning even though he has a 14 hour work day ahead of him,
for the Dad who leaves his iced tea, keys, and sunglasses at the front door when he comes home from work so he can pick his kids up as soon as he walks in,
for the Dad who always makes time to play,for the Dad who comes home from work, looks at his tired and frazzled wife and says "Lola and Jack, where can we go on an adventure and give mommy some time to herself?",
for the Dad who never ever says to his wife, "What exactly do you do all day?",
for the Dad who makes the best pancake breakfast,
for the Dad who makes his wife iced coffee every morning,
for the Dad who doesn't loose his patience when his kids (or wife) hide (or lose) something or break something,
for the Dad who smiles when his kids try and "help",for the Dad who managed not to lose his mind while his wife and children were in the hospital,
for the Dad who still hasn't lost his mind 15 months later,
for the Dad who through all the stress and sleeplessness and tears and worry never lost sight of the laughter,


Anonymous said...

Happy Father's Day Aaron!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Father's Day Aaron, is right. What a great and true tribute to you. Oma

Anonymous said...

and for the dad rocking the whitesnake tshirt!

Anne and David Freedman said...

You are amazing and we love you....and all those who made you the great father you are today.
In no particular order:
Jack and Lola,
Becky and Allen
The family who loves you
your friends
and everyone else whose name has been lost to my brain tumor....
We love you lots,