Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I hope my house survives the exploration phase

Lola and Jackson watch and mimic EVERYTHING we do. We talk on the phone, they talk on the toy phone. We aim the remote at the tv, they aim (throw) the remote at the tv. We drink out of a water bottle, they "drink" out of a water bottle. I put the groceries away, they "help" put the groceries away.

Believing that Lola and Jack will benefit from learning through exploration and even a little trial and natural consequence, I have tried to keep forbidden activities to a minimum. Of course there are a few areas that just aren't safe: pantry, laundry room, bathroom...

But the little explorers are getting crafty. After finishing some quick house work the other day I settled down with my coffee and computer (I mean classic novel) and was deep in Balloon Tower Defense (I mean Treasure Island) when I realized they had penetrated my defenses in one of the forbidden areas...


Admiring the effort it must have taken to get in, I just removed the glass and knives and let them at it.
(No children were harmed in the making of this photo series)


Anonymous said...

It looks like they took the whole thing apart...LOVE IT!
Miss you all so much! -Tracie

Anonymous said...

Isn't exploration grand!?! Looks like they had fun taking it all apart and that the dishwasher and house have survived so far!! Good job, everybody! love you, Oma