Monday, July 13, 2009


Lola LOVES shoes. She brings me her shoes and Jackson's shoes all day and wants me to put them on her. She constantly brings me my shoes and wants me to put them on (a little inconvenient cause I really don't like wearing shoes in the house). She changes her shoes at least several times a day. But her love of accessories doesn't stop there. She has a blue small mardi gras bead necklace she carries around ALL THE TIME! She also likes to put pajama bottoms on her head and calls them hats. And she has recently taken to carrying around this small red toy bucket like a purse, filling it with all sorts of fun things.

This love of accessories is very cute. I'm just not sure where she gets it. Certainly not from her mom!

She brought us these shoes and put them on all on her own!

To be fair, dad's shoes are pretty difficult to fill :)

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Anonymous said...

Love the shoes! The accessory thing -- who knows love to all, Oma