Monday, January 11, 2010

Breakfast Smoothie, Two Ways

Lola and Jackson approach life very differently. Any of you who know us can testify to how different they are. So it's kinda fun to give them both the same item or task and see how they handle it. A fun little family experiment. Here's what happened when I gave them each a cup of smoothie and a spoon for breakfast:

She ate her smoothie neatly with her spoon and barely had to be wiped off after breakfast.
And Jackson:

And notice that Jackson carries a collection of toys and other precious things with him everywhere he goes, even to the table at mealtime:

It's really fun to watch my kids becoming who they are.


Anonymous said...

Great pictures and great idea. Thanks for sharing such wonderful differences and times with us. They are becoming who they are beautifully! Oma

natalie said...

They are each such an exact combo of you and Aaron... I love it!