Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Two Cute

Sometimes having 2 toddlers can be a challenge. There are twice as many tantrums, twice as many tears about lost blankets, special toys and sippy cups, and twice as many strong opinions about exactly how many pieces a banana should be cut into before being served. There are twice as many children to argue with about how much ketchup should accompany a serving of chicken. And there are 4 tiny missing shoes to find every time you leave the house instead of 2.

But there are also times when having twin toddlers is just so absolutely adorable that I can't imagine ever having just one!

To fully appreciate the absolute adorable-ness of this picture you must know that they got their books and onto the chair together all by themselves. I was in the kitchen and looked up to find out why it was so quiet. This is what I saw, Lola and Jack enjoying some side by side story time:

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Anonymous said...

Oh my! How adorable and special is that! I love it!!! oma