Tuesday, January 11, 2011

So much for deadlines.

Despite the New Year deadline having come and gone, the Joys keep coming :)

Joy #9 Finding out we're having a GIRL! We're currently discussing names. Not even a short list has been agreed upon yet.

Joy #10 Aaron having the entire weekend off this coming weekend! It's a post-Christmas miracle.

Joy #11 Jackson having major success at swim lessons today. He swam 5 ft today with his face underwater looking at the bottom of the pool! Yay for Jack!!!

Joy #12 Feeling lots of little baby kicks!


Anonymous said...

Great and wonderful joys! Who needs deadlines anyway! oma

Anonymous said...

Yea for Jack and swimming and for baby kicks. I love it!oma,again

natalie said...

Yay!! So exciting! Congrats to all of you!