Wednesday, February 16, 2011

25 weeks

I was at 25 weeks along with Lola and Jackson when the alarm was sounded. Things weren't exactly hiccup-free up until that point (chicken pox, placenta previa, and well, simply the fact that I was pregnant with twins), but it wasn't until 25 weeks that the poop really hit the fan, as a PG-rated mother of twins would say :)

Yep, I was 25 weeks along and enjoying a snowy Christmas vacation in Colorado. It was those darn contractions that forced me to go to the hospital, that darn progressing cervix that got the nurse's attention, and that gosh darn positive fetal fibronectin test that got the doctor in my room telling me to stay calm while nurses started IV drips. Watching a nervous nurse is about as calming as seeing a nervous flight attendant. Stay calm... sure, right.

Well, 25 week came and has now gone. Last week I had a fetal fibronectin test to celebrate. No alarms sounded. The nurses paid hardly any attention at all. And no one told me to stay calm while all of their body language indicated I should do otherwise.  Fantastic.

For those unfamiliar with the test, a positive result indicates that your body has released the hormones necessary to begin the labor, meaning that delivery within a 2 week period is expected. A negative result indicates that your body has not released these hormones and so natural labor is not expected within 2 weeks. I'll be taking a test every 2 weeks until... well, I guess until it's time for baby girl #2 to make her appearance.

So I say good-bye to week 25. I might have even made a vulgar hand gesture at that date on my calender.  It was almost as gratifying as I imagine it will be when I do the same to week 33!


Anonymous said...

What a great and relieving story! What is it like to be having a "normal" pregnancy. Congratulations! Oma

Anonymous said...

I applaud your finger gesture to the calendar! It's a good feeling to make it PAST the first pregnancy's milestones. Here's to making it past the next one! yvonne

Anonymous said...

One milestone passed, (25 weeks) and the next one (28 weeks) not far off. Congratulations! Oma

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the milestone. All fingers and toes crossed here, for normal pregnancy. Can't wait to meet #3 and can't wait to see #1&2. Miss U ~Tracie