Sunday, October 12, 2008

Nap Drama, day 4

Well, we seem to have made a SMALL amount of progress in our napping. The morning nap is going fairly well, with less than 15 minutes of crying and at least 45 minutes of sleeping. The afternoon is harder, though. Yesterday Lola cried for an hour and took no nap at all. Today, on the other hand, Lola has taken 2 naps and Jackson is currently taking his third. But none except the first had any overlap. And they don't last much more than an hour, if that long. So that means I have been putting kids down for and getting kids up from naps pretty much all day. And the only time I have had both down and some time for myself is the 30 minutes of overlap I had at 7:45 this morning.

I haven't gotten any more used to hearing my babies cry. As I started this post Jackson was screaming and I really think I could hear "mama" among the wails. I stand at the door and try and peek through the small crack in the doorway, silent tears welling up in my eyes. It really stinks. I hate it. Thankfully they both usually fall asleep right about the time I think I'm going to loose my will.

We have not yet achieved the 2 2-hour naps per day that I am hoping for. But we press on. The better we nap the more energy we have for play!


mom/marilyn said...

What changes!!! And it hasn't been so long since I was there.

My hat is off to you, mom and dad. Crawling, creeping, napping, climbing, eating--all good baby stuff.

It seems like forever until I get there again i 2 weeks! love, mom

Mom/Grammie said...

I couldn't have said it better. I see them at least once a week and the changes are astounding even then! They are the light of my life!