Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Recent Adventures

Some fun pics from recent days:
Those of you who know about my gymnastics background can appreciate this one; Lola in her very first split!Naked babies are sooooo cute! It doesn't even matter what they're doing. Just hanging out on the blanket, and they're absolutely adorable!The whole family enjoys it when Aaron gets a rare day off. Recently Dad has been working 6 very long days a week to make up for out of town managers, and so on his last day off Jackson didn't miss the opportunity to snooze on his chest like he did in the beginning. Lola and Jackson chatting and laughing about how much they enjoy sweet potatoes. It wasn't until I was looking at these pics that I noticed pink poodle bib on Jackson and the blue striped bib on Lola. Ah well, what mother hasn't sleepwalked through a day or two :)

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