Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Don't even mention "naps" to me...

I would love to write that we have now pretty much conquered napping. I put them down, they may fuss for a minute or two, and then they fall asleep. They usually sleep for an hour and a half or so. Sometimes longer, occasionally shorter. I would be thrilled to write that the babies go to sleep easily every night around 7, no real fussing, and sleep easily until 6 ish every morning. They no longer wake up at 4:30 and want to play. How fabulous would it be to write that we no longer have any sleep issues.

But as I type this Jackson is crying, well screaming really, in his crib in protest to what I'm sure he would call "this RIDICULOUS napping!" He cried for 20 minutes, quit for 10 (I foolishly thought he had fallen asleep), and has now resumed his protest. He's not hungry, cold, dirty, or wet. He is, on the other hand, VERY TIRED.

Oh well. I guess I'll order another book. must make a fortune off moms like me.

In non-nap related news, Lola and Jackson are eating like big kids in high chairs now. They have really taken to it and enjoy their peas, sweet potatoes, apples, etc. We eat fruit with oatmeal in the morning and a vegetable with rice cereal for dinner with fruit for desert. After they eat I give the a Gerber Graduates "puff," which is basically an apples flavored dissolveable Cheerio. They don't seem to love it or hate it. But they do make some pretty hilarious faces. Jackson likes to talk and squeal through most of the meal, breaking occasionally to stare out the side doors when a train comes by. Lola, on the other hand, seems to take eating far more seriously. I have to work to get a laugh out of this child who is usually overflowing with huge smiles. She just sits there are stares at the spoon until it's her turn. Pretty cute.


Anne said...

They're just so cute with sweet potatoes smeared all over their faces. Can't wait to see them Sunday.

Anonymous said...

And I can't wait to see them Sunday, too. Of course, they will be asleep when I get there. I'll take it! They are just too cute with sweet potatoes smeared all over their mouths.
and the high chair trays are so big!