Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My Jammie-time workout

The kids are getting soooo active! Last night I was trying to put pajamas on them and they were literally crawling all over me. And I mean it... literally. Imagine me sitting on the floor with Lola lying in front of me trying to get her dressed. Jackson is working hard to climb over his sister and in to my arms, cackling as he steps on her . And of course Lola isn't helping with all of her rolling and squirming. So after 10 minutes it's finally Jackson's turn. Lola is a cross between really aggravated and jubilant at her freedom so she makes getting Jackson dressed even harder than she was. After both were jammied I sat on the floor and they crawled and climbed all over me. What does a mother of twins need a gym membership for! I was actually winded!

Since I couldn't take any pictures of my "jammie-time workout", enjoy these great ones instead!
She doesn't understand that we all benefit when Jackson gets his rest.Lola finds yet another way to play with the excersaucer.One of those "Awww" moments of parenting twins.

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Mom/Becky said...

Having just seen the babies recently I can picture your jammie-time workout. Watching them makes me think of very busy ants.