Friday, November 21, 2008

The Petition for Preemies

I have added a link to the March of Dimes' Petition for Preemies on the left side of the page. Please take a second and sign this petition that will urge our government to dedicate more resources to combating prematurity. The number of babies born prematurely in the country is staggering and (no big surprise here) Louisiana ranks among the worst.

Lola and Jackson benefited so much from the treatment we received in CO and here in NO. If they would have been born when I first went in to pre-term labor (at 25 weeks) our lives would be immeasurably different. Because I was able to hold on until almost 34 weeks Lola and Jack seem indistinguishable as preemies. They are hitting their milestones and certainly aren't off-the-charts small.

But this is not always the case. For some women the various blood pressure and asthma medications that are used to stop contractions do not work (there are currently no medications approved by the FDA specifically for stopping contractions and preventing pre-term birth). Some women are afflicted with preeclampsia much earlier in their pregnancy and are forced to deliver their babies as early as 23 weeks. These are only a couple of reasons for premature birth (the ones that affected our family). Unfortunately there are many more.

The March of Dimes is doing amazing work to combat the many causes of premature birth. Please take just a second and help let our government know how important education and research are to the health of our babies! Mom and Dad, Lola and Jackson, and families everywhere say thanks!

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