Monday, November 3, 2008

Babies Everywhere!

Lola and Jackson are all of the sudden everywhere I turn (and step)! It started slowly. I would walk in to the kitchen and by the time they made it halfway I was already walking back to the living room. Now it seems like they are always underfoot. And even worse than almost tripping on Lola or Jack is not knowing where they are! Since we don't have a babygate that will fit the doorway to the side hall yet, I have tried to get in the habit of keeping the bedroom and bathroom doors closed. Well, it hasn't really become second nature yet and the first time I walked in to the living room and couldn't find my daughter I totally panicked! It was such a weird feeling not to find her close to where i left her. I'm slowly getting used to this new mobile lifestyle. I'm sure as soon as I do they'll be on to a new stage!
Here are some great pictures of the kids and their newfound freedom:
Can't you just see them conspiring to put a peanut butter sandwich in our DVD player...
No longer satisfied to actually sit in the excersaucer, Lola and Jackson have started playing with it "like big kids."Pulling up everywhere... "If I can't reach my toy down there...maybe I can reach something interesting up there!"
Here are some pictures of Jack and Lola in their Halloween jammies. Unfortunately they slept through most of Halloween (were at our friend Tracy's house with some friends) and these were taken the next morning. Under the picture on Jackson's outfit it says "Hair-wolf" and under Lola's mummy it says "Mummy loves me." Very cute and appropriate for a Halloween they didn't really participate in. Next year we'll do costumes.And some "just because they're so cute" pictures:
Here are Lola and Jackson ready for their walk in the arctic. Mommy got a little excited during the little cold snap last week. Jackson finally lost his battle against the nap.Cutie pie with big smiles coming at ya!Oh, and Lola has 2 teeth! No pics of them yet but I'll keep tyring and post one as soon as I can.

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Anne said...

I have absolutely never, ever, ever seen such perfectly beautiful and busy and funny and gorgeous babies in my life.

Hooray for babies and pulling up and walking and peanut butter sandwiches in the expensive electronic equipment!!!!