Wednesday, April 23, 2008

6 weeks old today!

I can't believe it's already been 6 weeks. The significance of "Boy, they grow up so fast" has changed from a silly saying said by nostalgic parents to...well, I guess I'm now one of those silly parents.

We didn't spend their 6 week birthday quite as expected. We had our first sick baby visit to the pediatrician. Jackson is congested and having some trouble breathing. Not enough to warrant any treatment other than saline solution and spending all of his time upright. It probably worries me more than it bothers him. Other than being a little less energetic than usual the only time it seems to aggravate him is when he's trying to eat. He sucks on the bottle with zeal and then gets frustrated because he can't breathe well enough to keep up the eating pace he likes. Oh, and the small detail of his not wanting to be put down EVER! I thought he liked to be held before. Well now I have resorted to strapping him to my chest and carrying him with me everywhere just so I can get something done.
PS- if anyone can tell me how to make vertical pictures vertical I would really appreciate an email or phone call. I messed with this one for an hour and can't figure it out!

While Jackson was snoring and snorting all day Lola was busy trying to have a BM (nice topic I know, but those of you who have kids know how much of my life is consumed with intake and output). When she wasn't grunting like a little piggie she was wiped out on her favorite boppy. Lola, if you're reading this as a teenager, sorry for the embarrassing stories. You'll do it to your kids some day as well.

With both kids not feeling all that well, I guess we'll have to save getting used to the crib for another day!

Daddy is out of town at a business meeting until Thursday evening and we miss him very much (not just cause the kids aren't feeling well and that makes mommy fussy:) Knowing he's coming home after work makes the afternoon seem to go just a little bit faster. We miss him tons and he's only been gone 1 day!
He is getting really good at holding both babies at once. The kids look pretty happy, but Dad looks a little tired! We love you dad!

Happy 6 weeks Lola and Jack!

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