Thursday, April 24, 2008

April 24th, Lola and Jackson's official due date!

Since we have now reached what was Lola and Jackson's official due date, I thought it would be fun to post a little retrospective to show how far we've come and how much the babies have changed in the past 6 weeks. It's really amazing!
Hospital visit number 1 in Colorado at 25 weeks gestation. Look how small my belly is!

8 1/2 weeks later...Jackson and Lola at 12 hours old. Lola is 4 lb 7 oz and Jackson is 3 lb 14 oz. They still have their Pulse/Oxygen and heart rate monitors, IVs, feeding tubes, and oxygen in their noses and are kept warm in the isolettes. Look how big those premie diapers are! Although they are sooooo cute, this is not the way you pictures seeing your newborn babies!We always loved going to see our babies in the NICU, but some days were harder than others. Seeing our babies in the isolettes and not being allowed to pick them up and comfort them was sometimes enough to break our hearts.

Here they are in the step down NICU a couple of days before they were sent home, about 2 weeks old. Jackson sure does know how to sport that hat!Here we are FINALLY home from the hospital. Well, not exactly home...Daryll was nice enough to loan us his home until ours was finished. Thanks Daryll and Leah! The babies are 2 weeks and 5 days old here. Lola is 5 lb and Jackson is 4 lb 13 oz. Mommy and Daddy can finally stop making all those trips back and forth to the hospital!
Hanging out in the pack n play (thanks Aunt Susan!). Look how skinny they are!
Just moved in the new house. 4 weeks old and getting bigger.
Jackson and Daddy catching a nap, 5 weeks old.
Daddy isn't the only comfy pillow to nap on.
But we don't just lay around and sleep all day. Here's Lola playing with her new friend the Toucan. 6 weeks old.And here is the "adorable twins picture" that I took especially to end this post. Jackson won't stop covering up his shirt and Lola is obviously less than pleased with the situation. My father in law has said many times that the best photos are never the ones you plan. Well, case in point...
Amy, now do you get both your girls to look cute at the same time?!?

Well, that's all for now. Both babies are sleeping in the crib and I'm going to try and take the advice of so many of you and go to sleep myself. Of course, I am on the couch and the monitor is turned up to full volume so it's not really "going to bed." But it's a baby step, right?


Anonymous said...

your blog makes me real happy, diane! you write just like you talk...i can hear your voice in my head as i read. i love the pic of lola and jackson laying on you where lola's arms are splayed over your boobs. it's a classic!----jessica brasher

Cornelia said...

Thanks for writing this.