Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Jackson's New Friend

Jackson has recently made friends with a blue bird that hangs in front of him on his bouncy seat. Several times a day they hang out with each other; the bird hangs in front of Jackson's face and he tries to get a hold of her swing. When he does he gives her a good shake before he lets go and loses sight of her. Even though she never moves from in front of his face, he waves his head around frantically for a minute before he finds her again. Today this went on for an hour before he finally got tired of her shenanigans.
Lola has yet to make friends with any of the animals that hang around the house. She pretty much ignores both them and her brother. So far she only has eyes for grown ups...everything else seems to bore her.It's great to see the kids starting to notice the environment around them. It seems like they do more each day. They both smile now, although not in response to anything in particular. I like to imagine that it's like when I tell myself a joke in my head that's not appropriate to say out loud. Maybe Lola is privately laughing at how hard I am working to get her to pay attention to that silly blue bird. (To those of you thinking, "Silly new mom, those are just reflex smiles caused by a gas bubble," my babies are geniuses and I am sure that they are smiling very much on purpose :) I have not been able to capture one such "on purpose" smile on camera but keep checking, the evidence will be posted soon.

Other than smiling and playing with their toys, it's pretty much more of the same at the Freedman house. We eat, we sleep...well at least 2 of the 4 of us eat and sleep.
We are making more progress on the sleeping front. Both babies are asleep this very second in their crib. It's very exciting to think that soon this might be lasting more than 2 hours.

Wait, I think I spoke to soon. Gotta go!


Anne said...

I just love the "double-boppy" picture. Jackson is so focused on his new friends -- social butterfuly that he is.

Lola is meditating like a pro...she's been learning from her grandparents.

They are such accomplished babies..so smart and beautiful!

AllenBecky said...

Yes, and look at Mom wearing jeans!

Anonymous said...

Mom is wearing jeans!
I love the picture of the two of them in their boppies.

Tracy said...

I was going to comment on the jeans, but I see that's already been covered.. clearly we are all very impressed - way to go, Di! It's been a couple weeks but they look sooo much bigger (and adorable!). Going to try to come by soon - will call you tomorrow.

Kristy Perez said...

Hi, Cousin. This is Kristy from OK that now lives in KC. I am so excited for you and your husband (that I've never met) the babies are beautiful. I wonder if one day they'll put on performances like we used to :) I would love for our families to get together. I have four now, my youngest turns 3 tomorrow. Hope to talk with you soon. Kristy